Starring and His Father

Well, The Goth is on the run... It has a theme, it has an argument, it has lots of stories and History and so on...

Please meet the starring, Alarīkz (Visigothic language, usually transcripted Alareiks; Alaricus in Latin). Despite bad propaganda by the Romans, an overall decent kind of guy. You don't believe me? Follow me through the book, and I'll show you... :-)

Now that we are introducing characters, please meet the Narrator, Presbyter Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. He will be telling Alaric's story. Voices will be him, and Alaric's through yours truly, the Suffering Writer.

The novel is divided into Days. Days are, conversely, divided into IONs (Items Of Narration, explained before in this blog, please search the archives).

"Day I" recollection starts by accounting the crossing of the Danube ca. 376CE.

Now I have a problem. I know Alaric, I know his linneage (Balti) but I don't know his father's name! How can I go on without Alaric's father's name?

Searches have proven, so far, unfructuous. I'll dig my books, but if any of you know, just let me know... :-)

Travelling weekend as well, I'll let you know when I'm back...


PS- virtual no-award to the knowledgeable one who can tell me without using search engines or wikipedia and similar resources, why my narrator's name sounds familiar, if it does, of course... One week! I'll tell you next week if nobody does first... :-)


"Una de romanos..."

One (movie) about Romans...

The wall of Lucus Augusti was declared Cultural Patrimony of Humankind by the UNESCO. It's 17 centuries old, and a really astounding view. Awesome. And it's the capital of my province. :-)

This picture was taken last August, in a visit I did after a long, long time... I thought I had taken more of them, but not many more... (silly me)

Thus, I'll let you a link to one of the best webs (multilingual) about it, with lots of pistures, etc: http://www.muralladelugo.info/


PS- click on the pic to watch the 800x600 pixels version...


Scientists Riot!

Saw this comic through reddit and thought it was really funny.

(click to navigate to the full size image)
Scientists Riot!

I find all this mater with the (in)famous cartoons and the violence that's been raised very disturbing and all too familiar. Historical novelling has this effect: you find the same patterns over and over.

Maybe we are in need of a new Mahattma Ghandi, or a new brain surgery... Surely the last is easier.




As the Light slowly returns, and the Mother recovers from the birth of the God and prepares Herself for the return of Father Nature's power, preparations for the big Love in a quarter of the year from now will display before our eyes...

Blessed Imbolg to all!