Problematic End of Nano

I'm still here, yep

Been working around the clock all the weekend and I'm some thousand words behind my wordcount. I'll try to recover, if my headaches allow my writing...

So far, I'm writing the Yaunâ track again (2 of 3) where Aristagoras runs away, Histiaeus arrives to bribe the Persians into a 'civil war', so to say, and the remaining Yaunâ cities join forces to stop the Persian advance on Miletos, which will conduct to the Battle of Leda, and the end of the Antithesis (the second part of the novel, the first part was the Hypothesis), which will nicely lead to the Synthesis until we arrive, yet again, to Marathon.

Will I get the mark for Nanowrimo? I dunno. I will surely do my best, despite de heavy workload I am currently having (to be true, I'm exhausted, but that won't stop me, only time will). And what next? Well, I will finish the novel draft, that's for sure, I'm enjoying it too much to stop now!

And that's all! Back to writing...

For those of you, my few, precious readers, that celebrate Thanksgiving in USA, a big goodwilling, and to the rest of the world, celebrate life as well, even if you are nanowriting!



So far... (so good! :-)

I'm a bit behind on the wordcout, I mean, yesterday I was okay, today I'll have to write my share, but I'm happily going pretty fine, although I'd like to have a little bit more of a wordcount buffer to spare, but anyway...

At 27 Kwords, I'm about to write the Battle of Ephessus, where the Persians manage to deal a defeat to the Yaunâ that attacked Sardes (Athenian, Eretrian and Ionian hoplites). That will be the big event of ION E. With each ION about 8-9 Kwords (except ION D, which is only 3,500 words at the moment, as I got fed up with writing Greek politics :-P) I'd say I'm aiming at some 80-90 Kwords, not really a lot, but enough for a first draft. There are lots of things that I know I'll need to address, and considering how I'm enjoying the characters so far, I'll have to work on their 'normal' lives a bit more to help adjust the chapters' rythm and give this story the depth it deserves as well as its width...

I'll let you know how I'm going... KALLISTI!



After the serious discussion I had with my characters (in Spanish, in my livejournal, and yes, Gab, that's what all that was about :-) the novel is going on nicely and at a good pace.

I'd have loved to add some more words during this weekend, but time is a luxury one rarely can enjoy... Oh, well, anyway...

I have added to the sidebar a Nano counter, which I try to update daily with my progress, it comes handy and it will let you know how things go without my posting to tell you.

As for the novel, the Milesian and Persian fleet is approaching Naxos to recover the island, put the old tirants back into power, and so... It will go wrong (not that I'm stripping anything, anyway ;-) and this will get the ball rolling...

As for the characters, I have found wonderful names for all of them so far, and I'm chirpingly happy! :-)

The main character, and the one the novel will be following almost constantly is a well positioned Pasargadae/Mardian prince called Azanes, and the secondary characters/narrator voices are his younger brother, Bassaces, and a somewhat fat Milesian landowner, shipbuilder, called Diorodos, son of Filippos. The main character's father name, so far, has been 'Father', because they are such respectful sons... :-)

I have names for all the characters as well (wives, sons and daughters, soldiers, ...), at least until I have to write the Yaunâ part of initiating the revolt, where/when I will need some Yaunâ names as well (Council members, etc...).

I haven't commented it yet, so I will now: I like this novel, I am enjoying it a great deal, and I am really liking the characters the way they are being born on the lines... Let's see if I managed to get it right this time!

And that's all, not bad for a new year's post, uh? Have a happy Nano and good luck to everybody!