So far... (so good! :-)

I'm a bit behind on the wordcout, I mean, yesterday I was okay, today I'll have to write my share, but I'm happily going pretty fine, although I'd like to have a little bit more of a wordcount buffer to spare, but anyway...

At 27 Kwords, I'm about to write the Battle of Ephessus, where the Persians manage to deal a defeat to the Yaunâ that attacked Sardes (Athenian, Eretrian and Ionian hoplites). That will be the big event of ION E. With each ION about 8-9 Kwords (except ION D, which is only 3,500 words at the moment, as I got fed up with writing Greek politics :-P) I'd say I'm aiming at some 80-90 Kwords, not really a lot, but enough for a first draft. There are lots of things that I know I'll need to address, and considering how I'm enjoying the characters so far, I'll have to work on their 'normal' lives a bit more to help adjust the chapters' rythm and give this story the depth it deserves as well as its width...

I'll let you know how I'm going... KALLISTI!


Gabriele C. said...

Lol, Greek politics .... they make the antics of the Italian Parliaiment look logical.

Got bored of you old blog template? I like this one, it has a fresh look to it.

Excalibor said...

Yeah, they are crazy, those Greeks... :-)

As for the template, I have switched to blogger beta and thought they would have new templates, then I learned they didn't, and thought I could use a new one, to celebrate the new novel... :-)

How are you doing with yours? BTW, cool reading corner, indeed! My SO asks if they are from Ikea (ahem!) so I let this hanging here... :-)

thanks for passing by and good luck on the book!

Gabriele C. said...

The recliner is from Ikea (Poäng) but the shelves are from a local carptenter, and the table of which you can see a corner, is an old one from my parents' household.

My Nano? Well, I've never been a speed wirter, and Nano isn't really for me except that it's fun. :)