Another Literature

Well, what have I been doing as of late?

Well, several things. I've been reading, studying and writing.

Reading what? Well, for instance, several different things: some History books I got during the Summer in book fairs and bookstores, mostly related to the Spanish Independence war, specially as related to my countryland, Galiza.

As it's somewhat related to my nest Nanowrimo, it seemed fit to have some good background information.

I also got several books in galician, one of my mother languages, whose writing I have a bit too rusted for my tastes, specially since it will be the language of my next novel.

So what do you do when you have to unrust a language (writing it, in this case)? You read it, and you write it.

And so I have been doing: my new blog in galician, O gume da espada (The edge of the sword), and a place where I'll be publishing some "homework" to flesh out my galician muscles, Espallando bolboretas (Spreading out butterflies). If you have any romance knowledge, you can go there and enjoy some tales (one at the moment, and more to slowly come out). If you don't know romance languages, then you can at least enjoy some illustrations I'll be doing for the tales, one so far... :-)

You'd say that takes some time... Well, yes, although talking is easy for me, even after these many years away, writing is, well, you know, you don't write the way you speak... It's harder, specially if you want it to have some quality attached to it... :-P

Anyway I haven't forgotten my other novels. Actually, not so long ago, a pretty important Galician writer, Alfredo Conde, has just published a book set in the last part of Undefeated, the defense of the town of A Coruña (Groine) from Drake's retaliation in 1889... This makes writing harder...

I may retake some of my Persian novels, for instance, although Nanowrimo will punch hard this year, both personally and "writingally"... I'll keep you up-to-date.

Anyway, the idea I have for my novel is really exciting, very intense and fairly time-framed, a good exercise in narrative anyway, and another opportunity to explore the Undiscovered land...

Be good! :-P KALLISTI!