From Lisboa with...

Well, I promised to tell you what other books I got in Lisboa, and here I go:

  • As naves de Calígula, by Maria Grazia Siliato, an italian writer who I've also seen published in Spanish, sporting the original book title, Caligula. It looks pretty interesting and, well, I guess I felt appealed...

  • Os Guerrilheiros da Morte ("The Guerrilla of Death") by Manuel Pinheiro Chagas, a Portuguese writer, professor, Navy minister, historian, ... in the XIX Century. This book was written in 1873, and it seemed a great way to know about Portuguese HF authors (a classical, no doubt!). The story starts in 1807, in Ajuda, Portugal, just before the French invasion (by Imperator Napoleaon Bonaparte). I couldn't find many other HF Portuguese writers, to say the truth (no doubt they are out there, but maybe they aren't being sold these days of bestsellers and high noise-to-signal ratio), and as a huge fan of Patrick O'Brien's Aubrey and Maturin's saga (that's Master and Commander and the other 20+ wonderful novels, for those of you who may not know) I can't but give it a fair try...

That's all (I also got a Portuguese grammar, and a dictionary), althoug these holidays I also got some Star Trek books, and some other books of History and all that... Lots to read, no doubt! Happy, happy, joy, joy 2007! :-)

Laters and kallisti!

PS- what's the proper English rendition of Portuguese guerrilheiro, Spanish guerrilleros? Guerrilla fighters? Merriam-Webster online apparently defines 'guerrilla' as the men themselves, instead of the activity...


O Regresso de Tróia

Where have I been?

I have been in Lisbon! :-)

And I loved it! I have declared myself lisboeta at heart.


I took a ton of pictures, including a lot of St. Jorge Castle, with its impressive views over the Tejo (in Latin, Tagus) river; Belem's Tower, which is really beautiful! (and we had a misty day, it was pretty magical watching the ships and the huge bridges slowly appear through the mist over the river...), I'll try to post some of them for your enjoyment...

I also enjoyed the Lisbon life (despite my relatively bad portuguese, I talked and chatted and... hehehe :-) and went shopping! FNAC, more exactly (in Spain we have celebrate a Christian festivity, I forgot which, in which Three Sage Mages went to Bethlem and gave little Jesus gifts, so we get gifts in this day (Jan. 5 through 6)--- I got some books in Portuguese as self-gifts :-) (actually, I managed my S.O. to gift them to me! hehehe... I gifted her a Portuguese Grammar Intro and Dictionary in exchange, which looked really fair to me, and it is)...

And I am currently reading (alongside several children tales in Irish and the Esperanto edition of La Ŝtona Urbo), O Regresso de Tróia, by Lindsay Clarke, which apparently is the second book about Troy by this author.

I didn't know this but as I already have several 'Illiad'-based HF novels, I thought I could enjoy an 'Odissey'-based one... :)

I also got other HF books, but I forgot, I'll let you know when I'm there...

And that's all, not a lot of time on Internet, actually... My novel (Revolt!, remember?) and a more intense and socially more travelling, real life isn't giving me a lot of time to follow blogs or anything else...

I'll keep you updated...




Happy New Year everybody!

This I found on Gab's livejournal, and I thought: "hey, why not give it a try?"

Thus, as this year first post, here you are, my magnificent score (ahem! :-)


66% Extroversion, 66% Intuition, 27% Emotiveness, 71% Perceptiveness

You are most like Daedalus. You are extremely clever and inventive, but your methods can be very unorthodox. When faced with a setback, you're more likely to try to defeat it with sheer determination, rather than finesse. You're argumentative, but don't tend to take debate personally (actually, it's fun for you, and most people don't understand that). Regardless, you are a wellspring of mechanical ingenuity, and would make a fantastic engineer or inventor.

You can be extremely loyal in relationships and freindships, and you're extremely professional. You're also pretty grumpy.

Famous people like you: Thomas Edison, James A. Garfield, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin

Steer Clear of: Hermes, Apollo, Icarus, Aphrodite

Seek out: Atlas, The Oracle, Prometheus

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Extroversion
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You scored higher than 99% on Intuition
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