Still Afloat

Well, it's been a long while...

I've been pretty busy studying for my Irish exam (it was a bit disastrous but I think I showed a little bit of dignity, at least) and then doing some relaxing reading and what not...

There went my b-day, a trip to beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful Menorca (as a b-day gift :-) and the Book Fair of Madrid.

I got a couple of interesting books (besides the Irish version of 'The Little Prince', and a little grammar of ugaritic, anyone to practice with me? :-) and a cool magazine, a special issue of arquitecture, naval and other technologies in the times of Phillip II and whereabouts in Spain, it's quite interesting and full of useful info... :-)

And now I'm waiting for my holidays, where I hope to spend quite a good deal of time writing on my novel. My inet conectivity, though, will be limited, but I'll try to keep you (that read me) updated.

In the meantime, it's preparation time, and I'm moving ahead in my Zelda games: Phantom Hourglass is cool, and I'm going to pass (again) the Temple of Water in Ocarina of Time, and then move to the Temple of Darkness, where I left the game on the N64 years ago (this time on the GameCube, which still rocks my world, yeah... It's still so cool a game, after this time, that I'm amazed... or maybe it's me, who's got stuck: anyway, it's lots of fun, fun, fun... :-)

Best regards and happy Summer/Winter after a very hot solstice in Spain (and yesterday we got such an electric storm... If I manage to pull out a thunderbolt from my camera I'll upload it, because it was beautiful...!!! )