Invicta: let's go on with the battle!


It's been long, but I'm still around. I'm getting ready to get my driving license, it's been some dozens of practical classes, and I'm about to be ready to go to the exam. I'll let you know.

What I haven't been doing is writing.

I've been readying, and I'll be doing so in the close future, specially since a coworker has just published his first novel, a Historical Fiction novel set in the fall of Bizantium. I have to get it and read it: the good thing is that I'll be able to easily (more or less) get an author's sign up (authograph is the word we use in Spanish, properly translated to English).

However, Undefeated is a little bit behind, as I wasn't able to write more than a couple of paragraphs since the end of Nanowrimo. Yeas, I know, I know... What can I say? I'm, obviously --painfully--, a goal-oriented writer.

Therefore, I present you Febrewrimo (from febrero, which is, quite obviouslym February in Spanish): to write 42,000 words in the month of February: that's 1,500 words per day plus a free day because this is a leap year.

I'll go to add another big chunk to my novel, so I'll let you know how I go on.

First thing will be the Battle of the Gravelines, which is a kind of climax in the novel, and certainly a pivotal point in the whole story.

Anyone out there interested?