North, north, north we go...

Well, not that much northern, but, anyway, it's further than we were last time...

I'm going slowly, after some hyatus (writing on the move means that if you go by car you cannot write!), and Fate keeps tangling its tentacles around our characters, weaving its way towards the inevitable path (at least as inevitable as History permits, anyway :-)

Our good Doctor has moved from the San Martín, flagship of the Armada, to the powerful, bulky, badly beaten Trinidad Valencera (or Balanzara as the Venetians called her), to aid in a very complicated operation on a pro-man (a VIP we would say nowadays) aboard. In the meantime, Duke of Medina Sidonia is recalling all Armada captains to the flagship to ask for explanation of direct orders disobedience. That will lead to a very ugly episode within Chapter VIII.

And, well, not a lot more to do except writing and some little research here or there for some details which, anyway, can surely wait for the GHR (great Historical Revision) once the draft of the novel is finished.

I'll keep you up-to-date.


PS: Update: 61,418 words and counting! :-)