April Fool's Challenge

It's coming, gang:


The goal: you set how many words you'll be able to write in April, then, you write them!

It's not exactly Nanowrimo, but it has a good feeling... Therefore, I'm already in... :-)

I'm thinking about a reasonable initial goal: 30,000 words. They will serve me well, I can work into the final part of The Libyan (probably not all of it, but a good chunk) and a good start for The Goth, enough to get a good start into the story (which, I hope, will be already on its way in two weeks, anyway).

Additionally, I can also count words written in articles, and technical fora, words written at work, et... but not in blogs... This means I will surely reach 30,000 words pretty well, and I'll be able to celebrate that goal and raise it for more... *grin*

Now, do you have what it takes to be a (April) Fool?

I dare you, who reads me. ;-)

I'll see you on the AF fora!


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