Older, Yes, but Wiser?

Yes, gentle reader... This weekend, yours truly had a wondrous birthday spent in celebration in the town of Ávila, in Castilia, Spain.

The town features a wonderful, intact, medieval wall and lots of churches! From the Vettonic town Obula, it became the Roman Abula (or Abela)... Among many other attractives, in Ávila was born the (in)famous queen Isabel I of Castilia, the supporter of Christopher Columbus's first voyage to the (suddenly New) World. Ávila is also the birthplace of St. Theresa of Jesus, a very famous mystical woman. St. juan de la Cruz was also born here (or whereabouts).

Museums, walking, a wondrous landscape, a tranquil, little town, good food, nice weather, it was certainly a cool weekend, I'll post some pics when I have some time, they are still on the camera! A pity I couldn't visit the numerous Vettonic castra in the region, I took, however, some pictures of some berracos, big zoolithic figures of bulls, cows, pigs and other animals with no apparent purpose, but that were very important for the Celtiberic peoples of the region!

One year older, nod... But am I one year wiser? I doubt it. Time moves ahead effortlessly, but my mind sores trying to keep its pace... Tempus fugit, said the (always anonymous) philosopher, and I think he (or she) also meant that life runs faster than wisdom.

Am I carpe dieming? Dare to tell otherwise to my eyebags! :-)

I could certainly benefit from some more free time to orgarnize myself and to concentrate in some mundane activities that'd free my mind from a constant pressure to be creative, or to learn more and more... But it could be worse.

In the meantime, the pope in me (after all, that's what pontifex maximus really means, since, probably, the VI or VII BCE!) is thinking about sainthood... While other religions I won't mention seem to be really fixated about death and in death, Erisinism (or Discordianism) is more concentrated in life, and therefore our saints are usually so while they are alive (which is somewhat logical, only the truly Touched can keep spreading Chaos after life, the rest must be alive to do so!)... However, the little modesty I retain refrains me from sainthood... Any Discordian (aware) pope around to help me? :-)

Well... the Goddess Will Know.



Gabriele C. said...

Happy Birthday.

I won't try for Spanish, I'd only misspell it. :)

Excalibor said...



In Spanish is 'feliz cumpleaños', and I'm sure you wouldn't misspell it...

I will never, however, try to German version, I am sure I'd be left off consonants... hehe ;-)

thanks for all!