Egyptian sarcophagi found near Giza!

Yup! Apparently of some 2,500 years of age, they are believed to be from the XXVI Dinasty! That's Inaros's daddy's Dinasty! :-)

Reuters reports that one of the sarcophagus bears the name Neb Ra Khatow, while the other one was inside the first one, and it definitely bears human appearance...

Now, if Carbon 14 was able to pinpoint a little bit more, I'd have a name to use in my novel... :-)

Osiris and Ra (I wonder if Re would be more appropriate, and if the owner's name would, then, be Ned Re Khatow... Any egyptologist with language knowledge around?) are depicted in the exterior sarcophagus, which was to be expected, I guess... We'll have to follow this discovery closer!


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