Nanowrimo is about to start, yes.

What? You ask if I am nervous?


Why would I?

I mean, do I look nervous?

I thought so.

Because . . . Well, just because my main character (MC) doesn't yet have a name? Because his younger brother, which is the initiator (narrator character that starts and ends the whole thing) doesn't yet have a name, either? Because their father doesn't yet have a name? Because the MC's wife and sons don't yet have a name, either?

Details, details . . .

Argh! This is frustrating. I have some tons of nice, real, Persian names, and none of them is fit! Either they are too similar to the ones of the historical figures (and I already have a repetition!) or they are fairly hard to read.

Bummer. In my LJ you can find a chain of letters between me and my characters (in Spanish, sorry) where they, simply, declare themselves in silent strike (hehe).

Hehe. Like I'm gonna let 'em do this to me . . . Hail, Eris, hail! I will crush them into tiny bits of pieces of minuscule particles! Disintegration!

Sigh . . . If it only were as easy.


Anyway. I'm ready, name or not, to write. No, slash that: I am eager to start writing!

Good luck to all Nanoers this year, and Blessed Samhain to all wiccans and heathens out there that Celebrate!


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Anonymous said...

So, that's what your Spanish stuff was about. I was too lazy to read it with a dictionary and the concentration necessary to decipher a language I don't have. :)