That is, the Sun Standing in the Summer or Winter.

The longest day is almost upon us (the longest night for those in the Southern Hemisphere of the planet), a magical time of change, a pivotal point in our yearly round trip with our beautiful, magnificent, astonishing, yellow dwarf star, Sol.

Things come and go, and while for some creatures, specially the smaller ones --bacteriae and other microscopic life, including most of our body cells, or many kind of insects, for example--, this Solstice will probably be the only one their lifetimes will allow, an opportunity they will probably not notice the same way as we do; for other creatures, however, Solstices come and go so many times that they simply mark time, in a very special photobiological clock --for example, many types of plants, including bushes, seqoias, etc, also, to a lesser extent, some animals with huge lifespans, specially fish and turtles--; then it's the rest of us (humans, chimpanzees, dogs, cats, elephants, horses,...): for us, years are significant on their own, and every Solstice is a special date...

Last Solstice, in December, my friends had just one daughter, my Daughter-in-Moon, Lena; this Solstice they have another daughter, Maia: that's cualitative change!

From now on (in the Northern hemisphese), days will be shorter and shorter, and as the Sun light covers the fields, crops will flourish and life will go on, until we all get ready for the Winter. Wonderful Cycle of Life.

For me, it's time to spread myself and get ready to gather my forces up, reading, enjoying the weather, more free time, time to read, learn, and grow; time to write (do it, damn me!) and to get ready for what the next Equinox will bring: Nanowrimo.

How's your Solstice going?

Blessed be, kallisti!

PS- I'll get to writing soon, first I'll finish the book about Varus's legions lost to the German Arminius, and I'll post a review of it, and of Haefs's Pilatus's Lover, which I finished the day before yesterday...

PPS- New season, new look; I think this looks fresh, let me know...

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