"Psionic" powers

Well, yes, Psionic and not psyonic, because I have rescued my old, trusty Psion Series 5mx and a new writing philosophy, so I can keep on writing despite my slightly hurting arm (both the PDA and the philosophy are lighter than they were before, during Nanowrimo...).

Thus, I'll retake Invicta, I'll keep you appraised...

And that's all, basically. On a more anecdotic vein, I finished my pal's novel, The Sunset of Bizantium: it's about right, at first a bit too slow for my tastes, and I kept dragging until we hit part II, where action and the plot starts unrolling. From that point on, the reading became increasingly interesting up to the point where it was hard to put down (so I didn't :-).

There are some things that I would have done differently, even very differently, and some I didn't like (simply put) but, overall, the book fulfills its goal as a Historical Fiction, and there are some parts that are absolutely brilliant. I have, anyway, and despite my criticism (or maybe precisely because of it), a lot to learn from book and author, something I'll try to do: I'm a fool, but I hope not *that* fool.

And, currently, I am enjoying Stephen Pressfield's The Afghan Campaign, which absoolutely rocks. The style is blunt, realistic, it reminds me to some books by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte (e.g. Trafalgar) and you cannot but take the hat off and humbly bow before a grandmaster of writing. Besides the obvious criticism, which I am also enjoying (sort of, anyway, considering the fatal reality of it).

And, lastly, I have a book by Gisbert Haefs waiting for me... Hehe... :-) It will be hard to combine all of this (studying, reading, plotting, writing, ...) but I'll manage, somehow.


PS- BTW, I passed my driving license test... :-)


Salvador Felip said...

I have forgotten a lot of my english, but I'll try anyway.

The first point is... Congratulations for passing the driving license exam!

I'm the pal, the one who wrote 'The sunset of Bizantium', but it's not the time to talk about my book. I have listened so much about 'Invicta' that my curiosity is starting to boil over. In my opinion, you must put and end to the novel in one or two months, because I want to see it on the stores this year...

So, keep it up, my friend.

Salvador Felip

Excalibor said...

Thanks, it was hard and time-consumig (and expensive!) but it's finally done... :-)

Your selfish reasons for getting my novel finished are very... um... convinient, hehe...

I'm working on it, but I cannot promise I'll be able to get it done so quickly. Anyway, I'll keep pounding the keys, which it's more than what I did before... :-P

Thanks for the support, I'll keep you updated...

Best regards!