Well, March has arrived and with it, Nanotional Novel Editing Month! www.nanoedmo.net

Revisiting Wishes is quite a challenge, and doing 50 hours of editing in one month is not an easy task, but I'll try my best.

And for April, probably, Revolt! will be brought back to life. No promises, though, but... :-)



Pacal said...

Well best of luck!!

I hope your holidays went well.

Did you check out my blog?


Excalibor said...

Thanks, it's actually pretty hard to butch your own baby like this... :-P

And yes, I checked it out! I haven't left any comments yet because I don't have internet acces at home right now and I cannot read your posts well enough from work... But from what I've seen so far, you're doing a superb job!

BTW, I intend to retake my Ionian rebellion novel once I'm done with this one, I'll surely be able to use your help (again) :-)

Keep up the great work! Cheers!