Slowly, but ahead we go...

$ cat Inaros_advancing_20051106_utf8.txt | perl wc.pl

W: 44403 (MP: 177.612, PP: 88.806), %: 37.0025

4,242 words (which is, 42 hundreds and 42 units, i.e. the meaning of life, the Universe and Everything, twice as much :-)

I'm well behind the intended schedule, but it's a good pace considering the amount of work and off time I am having as of late, due to precarious health (flu vaccine), and other stuff...

By now, the poor Phoenicians and their Persian officers have been defeated by valient Samians... Things will be a bit slower now as the fleet arrives in Memphis and the final assault is prepared. Then, it will be time for a small trip over the Mediterranean, Syria, Asia Minor, and Hellas, in this order, as we follow the efforts of the Persian satraps to involucrate the Spartans into the fray and thus force the Delian League troops to return to the Hellas scenario, and let Egypt on its own.

It will be a fascinating trip!


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