More advancing...

$ cat nano/Inaros_advancing_20051114.txt | perl wc.pl
W: 52461 (MP: 209.844, PP: 104.922), %: 43.7175

Yes, I've gone over 50Kwords (Yeah!!!) I'm starting to see the light to beating my other personal record (that of plot told, which was about 49% in Damned Linneage, my Nano 2004 novel)... At this rythm, I'll beat it within the week (cross fingers!).

And for the Nano counter, I'm in 12,300 words... Still well behind the counter, but better than before, therefore no whinning (yet)...

On Friday I wrote a good deal of words waiting for my fencing session (yes, after years of inactivity, and 51Kg less of weight, I'm back with the epée!), and today as well, (ironic mode on) thanks to the commuting train, which took almost two full hours in doing what's usually some 45 minutes (they've been misbehaving for more than a week, it's starting to be more than just very annoying)... (ironic mode off).

I'm currently writing in two fronts, after finishing the draft for Part I (yeah! :-) which are, namely:

* Part II, main track, on my Palm, has started in Sidunnu (Sidon) in Siria, where Megabyzos is starting to organize the operations to recover Egypt. This will be the main track, and will tell the Persian preparations, visit to Sparta, reconquering of Phoenicia, and straight to the Battle of Memphis (the big one).

* Part II, secondary track, which I'm writing on my Psion Series 5, and that has started with Greek operations around Memphis, and will briefly describe the four years of siege, from the point of view of Greeks and Libyans/Egiptians in the rebel (now legit) side...

Writing in parallel will make it easier to avoid getting stuck, and when my Palm is low on batteries (it's old and it doesn't last for long) or I cannot write by hand or with the folding keyboard, I'll jump to the psion and the other thread... I'd move the story along both machines, but, unluckily, I haven't managed the Psion to be able to beam to the Palm (and back), and while the Palm has an SD card reader, the Psion uses a CF one... If I can find an SD-to-CF adapter, I may change this setup, but for the meantime, I can actually enjoy the separation better than just get fixated into one story... Parallel is the way to go, yeah... :-)

(besides, I reserve the right to change machines when I see convenient, and the Psion has the permanently attached superb keyboard, though not as good as the Palm's, but very convinient, and much longer battery life, which is a huge advantage)

Good luck to the Nanoers!


PS- updated to change some conceptual errors on my part... :-P

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