Lingua Latina est uiua et bene, gratiae


I felt a little bit fluffy, a LJ friend arrived in full, Latin force, and I thought: why not?

This looks like a pretty interesting blog, I've added it to my links bar as well.


No more news related to the novels, except that I have managed to get a Spanish, recent edition of Xenophon's Kyropaedia and that I got a really cheap, pocket-but-hard-cover edition of Valerio Massimo manfredi's Empire of Dragons, which was in my bestsellers-to-do list...

Now, until Oden's Memnon is released later in the Summer, (and risking an Alexander's indigestion) my hopes are in the two novels about Alex (Stefen Pressfield's and Gisbert Haefs's ones) and in the early release of Haefs's last novel (Pilate's Girlfriend, Die Geliebte des Pilatus) as pocket book (because the bound edition is expensive, and I've got lotsa books to get).

I may get it anyway, compulsive fan in here, and get my little depression off because most of Haefs's books are not translated to Spanish... I'll have to jump to the ENglish editions, if they can be recommended (the Spanish ones are, at least, excellent).

Well... ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΗ aut Bellissimae

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