Almost 4,000 more words to add to the counter, I'll let you know when I upload them, but the grand totale is approaching the 100,000! (around 95,000).

As this is a happy-happy joy-joy moment, I'll post the promised, fine-grained battle-plan of the Battle of Memphis, as I originally (re-)created it a little over one month ago, when I was celebrating Litha in Alicante.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Battle of Memphis!

Well, yes, it's drawn in the sand. What did you understand when I talked about "fine-grained"? There are millions of grains of sand in that battle! You can click on the image to get a bigger version and count them yourself!

Ahem. :-)

OK, I would post the battle, but then I would have to kill you (and Google, and...) or risk spoiling a lot of suspense on a novel I'm sure nobody will read :-p

Well, the point is that after a dashing, daring, gasping movement, Bagâbuxsha (i.e. Megabyzos) has managed to catch the rebels unprepared (not exactly "by surprise", but, anyway...) and both parties, led by Faraoh Ienheru (a.k.a. Inaros) and stratégos Kharitymides (rebel side) and generals Bagâbuxsha and Taxmaspâda (Persian side), are getting themselves ready to weep blood-red over the Nile waters with their respective enemies' guts.


Not really, but it's lotsa fun writing it (like those videogames where your troops die but you know nobody's really suffering... let's discriminate between current reality and past or ficticious times, shan't we?) and I hope to get through it fairly easily and make a good battle. Then there's only the Prosopitis thingie and the walk through the desert till Cyrene, and back to Athens, and then finishing the Spartan mission (that we left, remember gentle reader, back in the middle of it during Nanowrimo 2005) and we will be left... Probably more than the planned 120,000 words for the draft, but not many more, I guess...

Anyway... Best regards and Blessed Lúnasa (or Lughnassadh) for all that Celebrate!



Pacal said...

Thank you for your "fine grained Image", it wasworth waiting for.

I'haven't sent you a message for a while so I thought I would tell you about the following book, it might be useful for your Gothic romance. The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization, by Byran Ward-Perkins, Oxford University Press, New York, 2005. The basic thesis of the book is that much contemporary writing of the fall that seriously down plays its catastropic aspects are seriously distorted and that the fall of Rome did in fact witness a serious retrogression of civilization.

Just my Thoughts.


Excalibor said...

Pierre, thanks for the info. I've put the Alaric novel on the hold for the time being, until I solve some issues, and will work on The Libyan and the Egiptian Expedition until I have the draft finished (at last!).

As for the picture, I hope you appreciate the joke, but it's actually how I finally did it, while I was at the beach about 1 month ago... I took a picture so I could think about it later, and, as you can see if you compare it with the draw I posted before, it did hold pretty well... :-)

I think it will be (with the surrounding events that Megabyzos is gonna put into the battlefield) a great battle to read, and one to enjoy... I will do my best to describe it (and put it as easy as possible so a translator can make it justice for the English edition! ;-)

thanks for all!!!