I did it :-)

It was really hard, work kicked in really hard the last 2 weeks, and I am literally exhausted.

But I did it.


Revolt! has finished Part Two (the Antithesis) and it's right in the start of Part Three (Synthesis). The last (long, over 11,000 words!) chapter of Part Two, with the clymax of the Battle of Lade was particularly cool to write, I tried to follow my own advice and instinct and wrote the whole battle from a single point of view: it's less descriptive but way more intense and vivid, I really like it.

I'll keep writing this novel down to the end, I am enjoying the characters and the overall story too much to stop now!

Keep tuned for more news about it, in the mean time, please bear with me when I add this icon for History... ;-)



pigpogm said...

Congratulations - quite an achievement!

Gabriele C. said...


Now, someone please, translate that novel into English. ;)

yS said...

Felicidades hermanazo! :-) ya me tenías preocupado :P

Excalibor said...

pigpogm: thanks! :-) It's an honor to be congratulated by my favourite creativity-oriented web, I'll try to post over there so the folks get to be encouraged (and jealous) ;-)

gabriele: thanks, but please let me finish it first! ;-) Anyway, I'll accept offers, let it be known to your editor friends (if any)... hehehe...

hermanito: ¡gracias! falta menos, falta menos... :-)