Yep, that's mine... :-)

Let's aim for a new year full of History and writing!

For a starters I got a nice food, picnic-like bag to take my food to the workplace, really nice... :-D

Then I gifted myself some books:
  • Rubicon, by Tom Holland, about the End of the Roman Republic and the Beginning of the Empire, one of my favourite time periods...
  • The Sword of Attila, by Michael Curtis Ford, which looked really promising, and thus I got it...
  • Africanus, el hijo del cónsul, by Santiago Posteguillo, a Spanish writer about P. Cornelius Scipio son, and the Second Punic War... This looked very interesting, and you know I like Hannibal's story so much... OTOH, it will help me to explore Spanish editorial landscape, which is always useful, uh? ;-)
  • A cooking book by Jamie Oliver, one of my favorite cookers: he's great and really fun to watch and easy to follow... I enjoy his cooking programs a great deal, and my S.O. does as well...

Finally, I got a Nintendo Wii and the Zelda game... Way cool, but how the hell do I get a fish for the cute, damn cat?? I've already spent hours and it's getting really boring... :-/

Well, I hope you are having a nice day, I have certainly had one... :-)


PS- after a nice, sunny weekend, we are having a huge storm over Madrid, with great electric apparatus, lots of water and a pretty strong wind pushing the trees over the rooftops... Impressive power demonstration by Father Nature!

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