I Need a Break, I Need a Vacation!

Well, that's me!

Back from holidays, I can tell you that I am exhausted. I slept about one order of magnitude less than I had planned! Yawn!

Anyway, it was nice to be back to my hometown, I made a safari to the local Art Factory, Fábrica de Sargadelos and got a handful of books, about linguistics, galician and even some Sherlock Holmes adventures (in galician, nod)... Hehe :-)

It was nice to be back, to be honest. I did a couple of barbecues (my first barbecues!) of varied success, but overall we had a great time, and the experience was valuable, and even managed to go to the beach and swim at least 3 times (it was damn cold and rainy weather, back in Madrid we arrived to 36ºC in shadows!)

As for Revolt! I managed to add a couple of thousand words and to make a first, quick revision of almost half the novel. Overall, it's surprisingly acceptable, the number of pitfalls and downright errors is fairly small and will be easily corrected when I'm done and start the first real revision. I have to finish some chapters that got left hanging during Nanowrimo, specially the second one (where the rebellion is forged) and the tenth, when one of the starrings gets married, and the failed expedition to Thrace and Macedon by Mardonius.

I have also detected a fundamental disequilibrium between the parts (it's articulated around a three parts concept, and the second part, where the "knot" and the heavy fighting and development takes part is, however, shorter than the first or the third parts. Maybe the problem is that I have concentrated some years of the revolt into that part, which is starred (and finished) by the Battle of Lade. I'll have to think if this is okay or if this is asking for some redesign.

As for the story itself, I have the Persians ready to start taking over the Ciclades Islands and head towards Euboea and Marathon, which is the direct consequence of the revolt.

As I'm planning to getting my car driving license this Summer, it will surely take time from my writing, but I hope to keep advancing at a good pace through the season, while I'm still thinking of a good story to tell in Nanowrimo, which I'll write in galician, my other native language, probably a much overdue opera since my school days writing short stories and poetry. I'd like it a short novel, to be written in Nanowrimo and finished within November, so I can review it in March and start sending it to galician editors in May or maybe even sooner.

I am thinking about late Roman times or even early medieval times in the region (Gallaecia, in Hispania), but I'd like it to also serve to protest about the current situation of inmigrants, Africa in general and Occidental Sahara, something of which the Spanish people should be more informed and more oppinionated than I'm afraid we are; which will probably force me to move to much later times, or do some historical contortions I'm not sure I'll be able to do. I'll let you know through this blog, anyway.

And that's all for the time being, back to Madrid, I'll be reachable through Internet once more.



yS said...

Hey! Our barbecue was great, so the bad one must be the other (no samu no barbecue :P).

Excalibor said...

Hehe, that must be the explanation, then...

I guess I'll have to invite you to any barbecue I do from now on... :-P

Thanks and hugs!