Harrius Potter et Mortis Reliquiæ

Well, more or less, anyway...

My first Potter book was the Spanish edition of ... and the Philosopher's Stone. Then followed the second and third books, and then I switched to the English editions, as they were --obviously-- released sooner (way much sooner, I'll add).

Then I got Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis, the Latin version of the book. It's gorgeous. I haven't actually read it yet, only the first few pages, but it's on my list. I plan on getting the Irish edition as well: I need practising, and it's fun and easy to follow (besides I can compare the two editions, and cheat a bit, hehe :-)

Now it was the turn to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I managed to stop and not read it on a single seat, that was good, because they have a little bit more taste that way (books in gneral, I mean; last one I read it on one go: I got it Saturday evening, I finished it Sunday evening!). I won't spoil you the story if you haven't read it, thus I won't say more.

AFAIK, Bloomsbury is not plannig releasing any other HP books in Latin or Irish, but I have seen several of them in Galician (my other native language) so there's always hope... (ah, and an Esperanto edition would be cool! :-)

Anyway, things are going warm (it's actually damn hot in here, we had a Saharian hot air wave struck by the end of last week, and it's still incredibly hard to sleep in the nights) and I'm starting to study to get my car driving license. Yes, I know, but I'm a firm believer of public mass transport as a mean to be nicer to the environment and to save energy and get a nicer world, and I haven't really needed to drive a car in my life, but there are time when it may come handy and, well, I have been kind-of forced, anyway... :-P

Be well, Merry Lughnasadh (or Ostara if you are down there) to those who celebrate, we certainly have the Sun brighting over us!


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