Naval mine

One of the things that I like the most about my little town is that it has a wide variety of oddities in a very little place.

I have shown you the medieval bridge built à la roman fashion, now I'll show you a naval mine that appeared floating along the fishing ships in the harbor before I can remember (and considering I arrived to my town around 1978-9...)

I can't really tell you a lot about it, but I think I've heard it could be a WWII mine that moved from wherever it was deployed (maybe the Channel?)...

Anyway, we made a kind of shrine for it, and put it well visible between two of our 4 beaches, and ever since it has been there, acting like a weird sort of beacon and limes... A couple of years ago we put a statue (right in the middle of the sea, at least when the tide is high) of a local mermaid-like meiga (which are a kind of witches, I guess) therefore they mark a high contrast line between our legends of life and death of the sea peoples, and the death instruments of yore...

Things are kinda frozen in the writing front, but I'll get to it, eventually... Lots of travelling around, and I have a small infection in an eye, it's pretty uncomfortable and I'm really sleepy :-P

Anyway... Kallisti!

PD: although it's clouded, we did really have some 4 o 5 days of sun during July holidays, promise!

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