Nanowrimo D-5: Undefeated Synopsis

Well, 5 days for Nano and counting!

I am almost ready to start. There are some things still to fix, but nothing that cannot be solved through the writing or even during the revision. And, well, most of it will need to evolve, anyway.

I offer you the 'synopsis' of Undefeated, that is, what you'd read on the back cover (I am thinking it may have a proper term, but I cannot recall which one).


Fate tampers with the paths of Francisco and Jaan, estranged brothers, to get them together again in the most dramatic circumstances, the England Venture of the King of Spain, His Most Catholic Majesty Philip II.

Francisco is a veteran soldiers from Betanzos who's serving in the Tercio of Flanders under the command of don Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma, fighting to recover the lost provinces after the raising of the Dutch protestants, led by William of Orange-Nassau.

Jaan, born in Flanders, is a failed Medicine student who, after going back to the parental home, is forced to embark in the Spanish Armada that, commanded by don Alonso Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno, Duke of Medina-Sidonia, leaves at the end of July, 1588, with the mission of protecting the cross of Duke of Parma's army from Flanders to England, where --by the force of arms, if necessary-- will compel the heretic Queen Elisabeth to return to the True Faith and desist in her backing of the protestant rebels in Netherlands and Zealand.

However, the Venture won't reach any of its goals, and only through great suffering and works untold will manage the brothers to get together again, almost by a miracle.

What do you think? The Spanish version reads much better, to be sincere.

Anyway, I'll let you know how this goes...


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Gabriele C. said...

Well, maybe the Spanish version reads better, but the English one reads easier. :)

It sounds like an interesting plot, in whatever language.