Chapter 1

Don't you love those words? :-)

Well, we have made a discreet start in Nanowrimo this year, 1900 words, which is more than necessary for day one, but less than I would had hoped.

However, I had the typical distractions of Samhain and New Year, and of starting the novel, you know, selecting the starting locations precisely and so on.

One thing I'm particularly proud of: almost finishing page 4 and I haven't yet described one of the main starrings, at least not physically... Hehe.

And, well, yesterday I left with less-than-half the Armada at the harbor of the Galician town of Coruña, with lots of doubts and trouble, and the rest of the ships missing and only slowly arriving...

Hehe... :-)

Well, Blessed Samhain to everyone, good luck on your Nanowrimo novels and kallisti!

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Gabriele C. said...

Good luck to you, too. I got 741 words yesterday, which isn't a bad start for me.