Undefeated, Chapter 5, Nanowrimo day 16, Lizard Cape

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End of July, 1588 (Gregorian Calendar)

The first exchange between the Spanish Armada and the English Fleet has just happened. Things have finally started to heat up in the Ocean.

The second part of this chapter will set up some very dramatic happenings that will set the tone for the rest of the expedition through the Channel.

Meanwhile, Flanders is boiling up, with almost 20,000 infantry soldiers piled up in Dunkirk and Nieuwport, while the Duke of Parma is keeping the English diplomacy unbalanced though the Bourbourgh Conferences and ither delaying tactics, with problems in the Bravant province.

I'll keep you updated, but this year things are going pretty smoothly and I'm enjoying it a reat deal!

Good weekend and good luck nanonovelists!


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