OK, I have just updated my Nanowrimo writer profile.

As you can see there, my next Nanovel is titled "Shipwreck" and it's set in 1810, during the Spanish Independence War.

It'll tell the story of a joint naval operation between the Spaniards and Englishmen in Northen Spain. The operation was pretty important, but after some initial success, it went awfully wrong.

As the main (read as 'the actual key') events of the story happened just some kilometers away from my own hometown, this'll be the first time I'll be writing a Historical Fiction novel on a place I have actually been and know pretty well... :-P

Anyway, I'll keep you updated in here, but this year my main blog will be O gume da espada, in Galician... Good time to learn new languages! ;-)

Good luck to all Nanowriters whis year!



Pacal said...

So how have you been?

I've een very under the weather for the last year or so.


Excalibor said...

Long time no see!

Well, here's been busy but steady, I guess... Interesting times as of late, I hope they don't get a lot more interesting, though!

I've been thinking about retaking The Libyan for this Nano, as I have some serious trouble with my project as of now, but I don't have either my notes for Inaros, so I guess it'll have to wait as well...

Hope things get better over there... Keep in touch! Best regards