Not me -although I'm a bit too tired for my tastes- but Wilusa... Illion fell under the pawns of Agammemnon's.

Effectively, I have already finished Gisbert Haef's Troja. Again, he has managed to trap me, surprise me, astonish me... This trip back to the Bronze Era has been illuminating, indeed. At the risk or repeating myself, when I grow up as a writer, I want to be like him!

Now I'm back to The Libyan, and documenting myself on the Egyptians, thanks to an english translation of a Polish author titled The Twilight of Ancient Egypt. I Millenium BCE, by Karol Myśliwiec... It deals, among other times, with my period of Achaemenid Egypt... Got it at a great price (used, but in good condition) in Amazon Marketplace...


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