Not everything is writing

Effectively, while this silly cold (the third in a row, damned air conditioning!) has me basically recluded home, with headaches and sore coughing, I am enjoying, as circumstances allow, with a childhood animated cartoon.

The other day I bought, in a good deal, Ulysse 31, wonderful cartoon about Ulysses's Odiseia to return Earth and save his companions from a divine spell, in the 31st Century.

Truly wonderful... :-)

Of course, it's anachronistic, because neither the XXXI Century, nor the -XI Century are related to my novel, but oddly enough, the episode I am starting to see is Sphynx, which is a wonderful mix of Greek and Egyptian elements, like my novel will be when it's finished and polished... (ahem! :-)

As for reading, after finishing Scott's Men of Bronze (go and read it!), I am currently reading C. J. Kirwin's Finding the Persian Way. Cyrus the Great Travels in Ancient Persia. I thought it was a History manual, but it's actually a historical fiction novel about the great Persian king, when he was young. I am enjoying it a great deal, and, as always, HF is providing lots of information about the Persians, which is always useful. Besides, Kirwin has a direct, uncomplicated style I am getting used to (I am, as you may easily guess by reading this blog, a bit convoluted in my writing, and you should read me in Spanish!). I should try and learn from him, yessir...

As for documentation book, I bought three small hadbooks, about the Persians, the Phoenicians, and Egyptians. They will all be helpful for my book, even if the Persians book talk more about Alexander's Persians, and the Egyptians one stops right at the death of Psammeticus III. Grrr.

Well, extrapolation will have to do for these... As for the Phoenicians, they have a relatively preeminent role in this story, because Bagabuxsha (Megabyzos) was Syria's satrap, the ships where Phoenicians, and the Delian League will deal with them in Dor, and in Memphis. I'll have to eventually look for info about the Phrygians as well, but it will take time to get there, and I'll have to make a trip to Sparta and Athens first... (hehe :-)

Don't you love writing?

Shameless plug, you are warned: NaNoWriMo 2005 registrations are about to be opened (later today). The challenge: 50,000 words in the month of November.

See you there! ;-)


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Gabriele C. said...

Lol, I did Nano in 2003 (got some 35K crap - some of my Visigopth novel, but only 10K of it will be useful at all, after editing) and 2004 (failed miserably). I won't do it again, speed writing isn't my thing.

Have fun, though.