Pre-NaNo (1)

$ cat Inaros_advancing_20051031a.txt | perl wc.pl

W: 39677 (MP: 158.708, PP: 79.354), %: 33.0641666666667

I mean, why should I do the Math when I can program the computer to do so for me? :-)

That means that I have 39,677 words, which corrrespond, roughly, to 33.1% of the planned 120Kw, and would be around 159 manuscripted pages, and about half the published pages (about 80 pages of printed pages in a typical A5 format, like a pocket book would be).

And this is almost the last actualization I will do before NaNoWriMo starts tonight.

I plan a further update which will reset my partial counter to 0 words, tonight. Then the goal of adding 50Kw in the following 30 days.

After I celebrate Samhain, that is.

In Wicca, the most blessed and sacred of the dates will start at the sunset(*), and marks the end of this year, the death of the God, the beginning of the Winter, and of the New Year. Time of cultivating the inner self, of instrospection of our darker corners, to explore the framework of the Chrone, when the Powers are closer to our physical world. It's the time to let the germen of new things to come to sleep and gain strength, to lie dormant in the darkness until the solstice will bring back the Light with the rebirth of the God. Samhain is the time of becoming one with the Lunar aspects of ourselves, and to explore the relationship between the sacred and the mundane in the Dark.

In Erisinism, it marks nothing in special, but nevertheless we are in the Aftermath, the last Season of the year, and the last Holiday will be Afflux, which falls in 50th Aftermath, or December 8th. Anyway, it's only fitting that, as Discordians, we celebrate the festivities we see fit, as per Divine inspiration, without any given rule if it fits the fnord of the cause...

Therefore, to all neo-pagans that celebrate Samhain (which, incidentally, is read as if written in English, "sawain", and it's the name of November in Irish Gaeilge), and to all the Christians that heredated it through St. Patrick (although they celebreate a different thing), Most Blessed Night of the Dead to you all!


* Note: tonight's Samhain if you live in the northern hemisphere of the planet, that is... If you live southernly, then it will be Bealtaine for you, which is the opposite and complimentary to Samhain... Celebrate with joy!

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